A Haiku Trilogy to Flight

Across clear blue skies,

Wings glisten in the sunlight:

A dragonfly glides by.


Across clear blue skies,

Wings flicker in the sunlight:

A lone bird flies by.


Across clear blue skies,

Wings spread wide in the sunlight:

A hawk soars up high.


Morning Walk at Sycamore Grove Park

by MJD

While the sun tries in vain to shine through overcast skies,
we listen to the silence,
broken only by a softly flowing stream,
bird chatter and whistles,
the squawk and calls of birds of prey,
and a friendly greeting.
We take deep breaths of ozone,
punctuated by the scent of deer musk,
damp fallen leaves and anise beside the path.
We spy ducks gliding on the stream,
brown grass fringed green and a cascade of oak galls.
On this morning Sycamore Grove is rain happy.

Marilyn’s Prose & Poetry Page

Girl With Viola

An Impressionist Poem a la Matisse



A solitary figure in a darkened room

Sits upright in a straight-back chair:

Black shoes, black pants, black blouse.

On broad shoulder rests

The curves of a viola held firmly

In place by a jutting chin.

Elbow bent and bow in hand

Move back and forth in rhythmic motion,

Vibrating over strings

Which slender fingers firmly press

Against a narrow neck

To create a melancholy melody.


Long neck, dark face,

Hair more brown than black,

Dark eyebrows frame dark eyes,

Fixed intently on notes,

Dancing across the staff on a sheet

Placed on a tall and stable black stand,

While notes waft upward out a window–

On a breeze drifts a sweet scent

From white blossoms clustered

On an orange tree branch above

A pond of frogs

Whose chorus accompanies

A girl on viola in a dark room

On a sunny day.